Published 27/02/2019

Starting from March 2019, all the accumulated Joyalukkas Jewellery Rewards Points which are not redeemed by the member will remain in their account for a period of 12 months.   Post this time period the points will expire and will not be re-credited to the member's account.

Terms & Conditions


In this Terms & Conditions unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms shall have the following meanings, the following terms shall have the meanings detailed below.

  1. "JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards)" refers to Joyalukkas Rewards, developed and offered by Joyalukkas Group to reward its members who frequently purchase from Joyalukkas and to reward the members when they use or purchase qualifying services and products of Joyalukkas.
  2. "JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) member" refers to Joyalukkas Golden Reward member, a person whose application for membership in the Joyalukkas Golden Rewards programme has been accepted by Joyalukkas and for whom a "Joyalukkas Golden Rewards" account has been created. A Joyalukkas Golden Rewards member will be issued with a "Joyalukkas Golden Reward Card / Virtual Card with a Number".
  3. "Reward Points" refers to the points a member obtains from the Joyalukkas Rewards programme by purchasing from Joyalukkas.
  4. "Joyalukkas" refers to and includes / excludes the Joyalukkas Business group.

General Terms & conditions

By becoming a JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) member you are immediately part of the world's most exciting customer loyalty programme. Once you have received your JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) card or a Virtual card, you can start collecting loyalty points. The customer those who join in this program shall attain the age of majority.

Customers can enroll into Joyalukkas  Golden Reward program through the Joyalukkas outlets / Mob Apps, by sharing mandatory details.

It is the customer's responsibility to share the correct communication details with Joyalukkas at the time of enrolling into the program.

Joyalukkas will not be responsible for non-serviceability in case a member moves out of serviced areas.

Only individuals can enroll in Joyalukkas Golden Rewards and this enrollment is not applicable to Corporations, associations or company groups. JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) programme is not open to employees of Joyalukkas group and their families.

Membership to JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) is at the sole discretion of Joyalukkas group and it may refuse membership to any applicant without assigning any reasons.

To accrue JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) points, the member must present his/her JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) card / Virtual Card at the time of completing the earn / redeem activity as per the point scheme. If a member fails to present the JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) card while purchasing or redeeming, this may result in applicable JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) points not being accrued by the members and Joyalukkas will not be responsible in this regard.

The loyalty points are redeemable against the Products / Service from Joyalukkas outlets or associate Partners. The customer has to present the original JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) card to earn the points and avail the redemption facility, may have to show their ID proof. At the time of purchase a customer can redeem only the previous points and the earned new points can be redeemed in the following Invoice.

In case of any sales return, if the customer had earned any points on the same purchase, will be reversed. In the case of insufficient points, the customer has to repay the cash or equivalent, against their returned points.

The customer cannot earn the JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) points for their purchase, in conjunction with any other offers / Promotions.

The member can sign up to our website / Mob Apps to obtain the statement, for further information to register visit our website / Mob Apps.

Any disputes related to reward points older than 2 weeks from the date of purchase, will not be entertained.

Every customer must always carry the JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) card securely and should not share the information pertaining to his JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) membership with anyone.

Joyalukkas will not ask for customer password and other details through any e-mail or SMS. Please beware of spam mails and do not share your account details with mail id which appear to be coming from unauthorized sources.

We cannot be held liable for any lose, theft, damage or unauthorized use of a card and any replacement is provided at our discretion, subject to such terms & conditions as we deem fit and the JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) member has to pay for the duplicate card.

All conditions and warranties, whether expressed or implied and whether arising under legislation or otherwise, as to condition, suitability, quality, fitness or safety of a reward supplied are expressly excluded to the full extent permitted by law. Any liability that cannot be fully excluded is limited, where permitted, to replacing, repairing or crediting the value of the reward at our discretion.

All exclusions and limitations of liability in these Terms & Conditions apply for our benefit and the benefit of the reward providers. Participating companies and reward providers do not have any authority, expressed or implied, to make any representation or warranty on our behalf.

Joyalukkas holds out no warranty about the quality and services provided by the partners in this reward system and will not be responsible if the goods/services are defective / deficit / unsatisfactory in any way. Customer must report the lost card details to the Joyalukkas outlets near to you or send email to Once a card is reported to be lost, it will be blocked and under any circumstances it will not be reversed.

To combine his/her points from previous card to the new card, he/she will have to call up or send request through email to the customer care center for merging of points from one account to another. For more details on the process, a customer may call up /send email to customer care center and understand the process better.

Joyalukkas shall not be liable in the event it fails to fulfill any of its obligations under this agreement due to flood, earthquake, storm, cyclone or any other acts of God of similar nature, war strike, lockout, or governmental or judicial or quasi-judicial policies/intervention/direction /prohibition or change in law or for any other reasons beyond its control.

Use of JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) card and membership

Earning of JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) points

To accrue JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) points, the member must present his/her JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) card / Virtual Card at the time of completing the earn activity and credit of JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) points as per the point scheme.

Redemption of JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) points

The JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) points can be redeemed only by JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) members in the country they are registered in.

Upon redemption, the points will be automatically deducted from the accumulated points in the member's account. Minimum points for the redemption will be 10,000 points and maximum up to 200,000 points in a day. The customer will get a discount for their accrued points. The points would be awarded at the time of purchasing / Services, irrespective of mode of payment, i.e. cash, credit card, debit card. etc.

The member agrees that by using JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) card and by quoting his/her membership number to Joyalukkas, he/she has read and understood the prevailing terms and conditions of JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) and confirms that he/she is bound by such terms and conditions.

By using his/her JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) card, his/her and by quoting his/her JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) membership number to Joyalukkas, a member consent to Joyalukkas for creating, maintaining and updating data about the member. Such data may include membership data (like name, address, Mobile number, Email ID, date of birth, employer, date of wedding anniversary, etc.) usage data (including without limitation) and data concerning contacts with Joyalukkas (including without limitation, enquiry regarding membership) and will be maintained and updated for the purpose of providing relevant information and services to the members.

Joyalukkas would not be put under any legal obligation if any information relating to the customers are to be disclosed due to the law of any country or as per the order / requirement of any legal or government authorities.
Joyalukkas shall not be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, resulting from termination or change of JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) points or any of its facilities, benefits or arrangements which are made available to members, including without limitation.

Joyalukkas points are valid for a period of One year or any other notified date. For example, the points earned during 1st January 2018 shall get expired on 1st of January 2019.

JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) points from the member's account cannot be pooled or combined with the JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) points of another member's account.

Transfer of JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) points

JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) points are not negotiable, transferable or redeemable for cash. Any such JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) points or requests for Joyalukkas Golden Rewards are void if transferred for cash or other considerations. Any person who commits such acts is liable for damages, litigation and related costs to Joyalukkas, which reserves the right, to terminate membership or remove such persons from Joyalukkas network.

If a member has been issued more than one Joyalukkas reward cards such as, i.e. JGR, JER (Joyalukkas Exchange Rewards) it's duplicate, it is the duty of such member to inform Joyalukkas Loyalty card department immediately and request for an account aggregation. Joyalukkas on such request shall cancel that card which the customer does not want to retain and transfer the JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) points, if any, earned on such card on to the other JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) card.

Members can call the customer care or through the website for obtaining an update of the JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) points accumulated and/or used for Joyalukkas Golden Rewards.

Joyalukkas Golden Rewards have no monetary refund value.

Termination of Joyalukkas Golden reward membership

Member may terminate his/her JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) membership by calling the Customer care center / request through the Email for termination.

Misuse of JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) card or the membership benefits may result in termination of membership or withdrawal of benefits at the sole discretion of Joyalukkas.

Disqualification of a member, arising out of his/her misconduct, fraud and misuse of Joyalukkas Golden Rewards or acts inconsistent with any central/state/local laws, statutes or ordinances, may result in immediate termination of JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) membership and cancellation of all JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) points. Any member so disqualified shall not be entitled to redeem his JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) points after such disqualification.

Upon the death of a member, his/her JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) membership account will be transferred to the successors as per the Laws prevailing in the country.
In case of any disputes or differences in connection with the Joyalukkas Golden Rewards programme, the same shall be decided by arbitration. The arbitrator shall be nominated and appointed by the Director / Manager of the respective Head office / regional office / registered office of each country as the case may be. The arbitration shall be conducted as per the Arbitration laws in the country.

Terms and conditions, set herein, shall be governed by the laws of the respective country only. All disputes arising under the terms and conditions are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in respective countries only. All claims and disputes arising under the terms and conditions should be notified to Joyalukkas within 14 days, after which no member shall have any claim against Joyalukkas.

Joyalukkas reserves the right to terminate JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) programme, by giving one month's notice. Upon termination or withdrawal of, all members will be given 30 day’s time within which they may use the JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) points in their account to request for Joyalukkas Golden Rewards, after which the JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) points will lapse.


Changing the terms and conditions

Joyalukkas reserves the right to change, at any time, these terms and conditions, features and benefits offered on JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) without prior notice to card members. Joyalukkas reserves the right to exclude or include products from the point scheme. Gold bars / Coins are exempted from the JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) programme.

Joyalukkas shall have the right to transfer, assign and sell the customer data in any manner, in whole or in part, to any third party of its choice without reference or intimation to the members.

Joyalukkas reserves the right to disqualify any person from further participation in JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) programme, if in Joyalukkas sole judgment such person has violated the terms and conditions specified herein.

Joyalukkas reserves the right to change or cancel the JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) program without prior notice.

JGR (Joyalukkas Golden Rewards) website terms of use

This website is made available for use in connection with your participation in the programme. You may as part of your use copy electronically and print portions of the website but you should not use such access or content to generate income of any kind. Any other use of materials on this website (including without limitation reproduction for a purpose other than that noted above and any modification, distribution or republication) without our prior written permission is prohibited. In particular, you may not use any data or information made available on or by this website in connection with any business or commercial undertaking (whether or not for profit).

The intellectual property in all design, text, graphics and other material and the selection or arrangement of such material in this website is owned by us and/or our respective licensors.
We do not make any representations, warranties or terms of any kind in respect of this website or its contents (including, without limitation, any views or comment made) other than those required by law. All information and/or data included in and/or on this website is made available for guidance only. Your use of such information and/or data is therefore entirely at your own risk.

This website may include links to websites and/or services owned and/or operated by participating companies and/or third parties. These are provided for your convenience and we are not responsible for and do not give any warranties or make any representations regarding any such websites and/or services and are not responsible for or liable in relation to the content or your use of such websites.
Due to the nature of the Internet, we do not promise full and error free operation of this website at all times.

Please read above terms carefully before using this website. These terms apply to all use of this website and by using this website you agree that you have read and accept these terms.

  • Gold Bars/Coins are excluded from Reward programme
  • Points can be redeemed only from the country where they are registered in
  • This reward card is valid for any Joyalukkas outlets across the world except India
  • At any instance multiple reward cards cannot be entertained for any service/ purchase
  • Please check with the counter staff at our outlets/website for eligibility of the reward points
  • Present original reward card at the time of purchase / transaction to earn & redeem the points
  • Joyalukkas group reserves the right to include or exclude products in or from the JGR point scheme.
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